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The Alligator is the brainchild of innovator Benny Engdahl, who got tired of chopping onions when he was making his favorite dish – Öland dumplings filled with pork. They require large quantities of chopped potatoes, and onions, and everyone knows that chopping onions is a tearful affair, but it need not be any longer.

Benny Engdahl contacted his friend, graduate engineer Nikola Knezevic, who became responsible for the technical development of the product. Many prototypes were needed to find the right design, the right materials, and, in particular, the right steel for the cutters before the final product was ready for commercial launch. The Swedish patent was granted in October 2001. The product received a great deal of attention right from the start and quickly became a success, with sharply rising sales and many satisfied customers.

This image features an array of kitchen tools from the Alligator series, showcasing their utility in food preparation. In the foreground, we have two models of the Alligator Chopper, each with a white base and green handles, fitted with different sized green cutting grids for various chopping needs. One is equipped with a smaller grid for fine dicing, and the other with a larger grid for bigger chunks, indicative of the versatility of the tool for different cutting tasks. Above each chopper sits a transparent collector made of clear plastic, designed to neatly catch and contain the chopped produce. In the background, there is an assortment of fresh vegetables and a bottle of oil, setting a scene of food preparation. The image conveys a message of efficiency, precision, and cleanliness in the kitchen facilitated by the Alligator Choppers.

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